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The Honeymoon

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When Kat's (Kajal Bagwandeen) fiancé calls off their wedding the night before; her best friends, Noks (Tumi Morake) and Lu (Minnie Dlamini) persuade a devastated Kat to turn her Honeymoon in Zanzibar into a girlfriend’s getaway. What was meant to be a holiday away from their problems, soon turns to a holiday into their problems. Will their friendship survive a wild time in paradise?

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Age Registriction

March 31, 2023


1h 46min


Release Date: March 31, 2023

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 1h 46min

Age Restriction: 16

Directors: Bianca Isaacs

Stars: Tumi Morake Minnie Dlamini Naymaps Prev Reddy Nina Hastie Robbie Collins JJ Mathura Tasveer Maharaj


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